Ladies’ Make & Take Nights

02 Dec

We started out with bi-monthly craft nights. Women were invited to bring thier craft supplies (scrapbooking, knitting, quilting), a snack to share, and a friend.  The church provided tables, chairs, music, and (sometimes) a few door prizes.

Recently, we have started having “Make & Take” nights. Women bring $5.00 and a friend, and the church provides food, the supplies and instruction for 2-3 craft projects that they can bring home.

Some crafts that we have made at Make & Take nights so far:

  • Various types of cards
  • “Brag Book”-style photo albums
  • Glass plates decoupaged with fabric
  • As a spin-off of Make & Take Night, we have also had a “Make & Bake Night.” The church supplies the ingredients and recipe cards for apple pies. Women bring $4.00 for every pie they wish to make, two bowls, and a cutting board.  The pies were brought home ready to bake or freeze.

Benefits of Make & Take Nights

  • We have had great turn outs at our Make & Take nights – more than double the number of women that came to our regular craft nights. Any woman can come, she doesn’t have to have prior experience or supplies to participate.
  • As often as possible, I like to involve the leadership of as many different individuals as I can. Make & Take nights allow women with a variety of talents and skills to serve.
  • Make & Take Nights can evolve into service projects.  For example, we could make cards to send to our shut ins, or could make blankets for the pastor to take on hospital visits.

Disadvantages of Make & Take Nights

  • Make & Take Nights require more planning than a regular craft night
  • Since the church provides the supplies, the Make & Take nights can be more expensive than regular craft nights.


  • It is especially important to have attendees sign up for Make & Take Nights so that you know about how many to plan on.  Usually, I plan on more people than signed up, and devote extras to be given to someone in the church who was unable to attend (if applicable).
  • I don’t make people pay until the night of the event. It is probably realistic to expect that the church will absorb some of the cost, so check to make sure you have some budget money set aside.
  • We have found that we get a bigger turn out if we have Make & Take Nights early in the evening (6:00p.m.) on Thursday nights, as opposed to Friday nights.
  • For Make & Take nights we provide more substantial snacks. In fitting with the “make your own” theme, we have served “make-your-own” ice cream sundaes and a “make-your-own” nacho bar.

Hope this helps! Happy Crafting!

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Posted by on December 2, 2008 in Events, Women's Ministry


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