Lesson #5: Empower Leadership (for real)

02 Dec

In order to foster true creativity, it is crucial that the leadership learn to humbly empower leadership. This may be the single most important lesson I’ve learned in the last four years. When starting a Children’s Ministry you cannot and should not do everything yourself. Even if you’re the best teacher/craft leader/counselor/foos ball player/theologian in your ministry, you must allow others to serve and lead.

It should be your goal that your ministry would grow to the point that you can no longer do everything. In order to foster that growth, train your leaders now by allowing them to own their ministry—sink or swim.

This is scary for leadership, because you have to let your leaders fail and come up short sometimes. But if you are constantly coming to the rescue, micro-managing, and doing things you told other people to do, you are communicating that you don’t really trust them, and they aren’t really in charge of their ministry.

Demonstrate empowering leadership by being quick to give up authority. If you’ve started a project, and another person expresses interest in being involved, consider the possibility of letting the project be their baby. Then, recognize and thank the efforts of your volunteers often and publicly.

Truly empowered leadership will manifest itself in creative, well organized ministries that create excitement throughout the church and community.


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